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    Aluminium Service Bodies

    The Engineers here at CV Solutions use only the most durable aluminium in our products to give you the safest and toughest service bodies on the market, designed to last. We take pride in our quality of product and you will not find a better made Aluminium Service Body anywhere else on the market.  Some of the main benefits in choosing to use an Aluminium Service Body Includes;

    ·         Light weight, aluminium weighs considerably less than other metals such as steel, copper, and brass. This means that your service body won’t weigh down your vehicle or reduce fuel efficiency on the road. What’s more, you won’t have to constantly replace your tires because the additional weight of your service body is causing additional wear and tear.

    ·         Robust, Perhaps the primary purpose of installing a service body is that it can keep your tools safe from damage and theft. Aluminium service bodies are ideal for this purpose, as they are both strong, durable, and robust. Aluminium holds up to any weather, and with its high strength and low weight ratio, it’s the perfect material for manufacturing everything from vehicle canopies to trucks and trains.

    ·         Durable, Aluminium doesn’t rust or rot, instead, it naturally generates a protective oxide coating. Though you don’t necessarily need to install an additional protective coating on your aluminium service body, you can apply a powder coating of your choice for aesthetic value. What’s more, aluminium can also have reflective properties that protects your vehicle from UV light, radio raves, and infrared radiation.

    Here is a Aluminium Service Bodies Tutorial for you to find out a little more about who we are here at CVS, and if you would like a quote to get more about what we can do for you today, let us know by completing a form or calling us directly at 1300 467 106.


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