The Best Tradie Ute: Drawer Units, Service Body Accessories and Lighting Solutions

A UTE Service Body – Your Best Tradie Tool
January 15, 2017
Why Your Workforce Needs Service Body Lighting Solution
Why Your Workforce Needs Service Body Lighting Solution
April 7, 2017
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A successful business is all about productivity and efficiency. Unfortunately, when you move your company out onto the roads of Australia, you might find yourself wasting time and money constantly searching for and replacing lost pieces of valuable equipment. Why? Because you haven’t considered the benefits of proper organisation.

Tradesmen often find that their unique professions come with a range of different tasks and chores to think about. Every job has a unique requirement for a specific piece of equipment, and without that equipment, you might quickly find yourself losing that business you’ve worked so hard to earn. So, what can you do to keep better track of your tools? The answer is simple: Invest in flexible ute service body accessories.

The Importance of Good Ute Service body accessories

If you were struggling to make the most of your space at home, or in the office, the chances are that you’d look for ways to fix the situation by installing space-efficient storage solutions. The same techniques can apply within your Ute. After all, for many tradespeople, their Ute acts as a mobile workstation – the transport-friendly office that they can rely upon to keep their tools and equipment protected as they drive from one client location to the next.

While adding a Ute service body to your current vehicle is a great way to make sure that your equipment is well-defended from the elements in Australia, and protected from quick-fingered thieves, you can always take your Ute solutions a step further by implementing an organisation strategy too!

At CVS, we offer a unique range of shelving and storage solutions for several different Utes from some of the most popular manufacturers in Australia, including Ford, Toyota, Nissan, and more. Each lightweight aluminium drawer design can be customised to meet your needs – with a wide range of potential combinations including workbench and drawer combinations and secure lockable solutions.

Don’t Waste Time with Clutter

Stop for a moment and place yourself within the shoes of your ideal customer.

If you were turning to your company for service, would you be more impressed by seeing a unique and organised Ute body that has been carefully adapted to meet the needs of your chosen professional – or an individual who spends minutes searching through a range of battered pieces of equipment that seem to have been thrown aimlessly into the back of their truck?

Not only can a lack of organisation in your Ute damage your professional reputation – but it can do terrible things to your vehicle too. After all, if your equipment is simply allowed to roll and slide around in the back of your Ute, it can quickly cause damage to the body of your vehicle – leading to scrapes, dents, and even holes that reduce your resale value.

At CVS, we can design and install the perfect selection of unique drawer and shelving solutions to ensure that all your professional items are where you expect them to be. That means no more stressing over a lost tool when you’re in the middle of a time-sensitive job!

If convenience wasn’t enough to convince you that service body accessories were the right solution for your business – how about the fact that it could help you to make more out of your existing space? At CVS, we can construct a UTE shelving and storage design that means you can fit more of your essential equipment into your UTE.

Get Organised!

Although almost any professional can benefit from a more organised experience, the average Tradie can find him, or herself frequently rushing from one job to the next. That means that you may be constantly searching for a way to boost productivity. Service body accessories means that you can find the item you’re looking for within an instant – and get straight to work!

What’s more, the right service body accessories can also help to evenly distribute the weight of your equipment throughout the back of your Ute – so less strain is placed on the framework of your vehicle, the wheels, and the engine. For many Tradies that might consider re-selling their vehicles after a while of use, this means that the right shelving solutions could actually help to maintain the value of your Ute for longer.

Maximise your Productivity

At CVS solutions, we can help you craft a range of service body accessories to meet your unique vehicle or fleet-based needs. Make sure that your tools and equipment remain safe – and ensure that you always make the most of your productivity by investing in your future today!

To find out more about how you can optimise your workstation, contact CVS today.

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