July 1, 2015

Welcome to the new CVS website

We are delighted to share our newly redesigned website, with a great new look and enhanced browsing experience. To start, we’ve streamed lined our menu structure to give you quick access to the vehicle canopy & service body sections of our website. Many of the sections now boast much larger images that really show-case the quality workmanship that goes into a CVS service body. We also invite you to check our blog page, where we will be posting recently completed projects. Please feel free to contact us 1300 […]
June 21, 2016
Get A Canopy For Your Toyota HiLux!

Get A Canopy For Your Toyota HiLux!

Many Australians believe that Australia was built by the Ute. And when you think about it, they couldn’t be further from the truth! And in today’s world, the Toyota Hilux is still helping to build Australia! But let’s not forget those driving the Ute and those working from the Ute. Australia owes many men and women a debt of gratitude too right? Are you a self employed tradie? A mechanic, plumber, sparkie, chippie or brickie? Is your office your Ute? Do you operate from your HiLux day after day […]
June 29, 2016
Get A Canopy For Your Navara!

Get A Canopy For Your Navara!

Nothing says Aussie like a Ute! And the Nissan Navara is no exception! And most Australians will say that the Ute built Australia. I reckon they’re spot on. So you’re a tradie working for your self right? Your office is your Ute. You operate from your Ute day after day. Or maybe you’re a company providing on the road service engineers? Perhaps your guys are out on the road every day, ensuring your customers are happy and maintained. So whether you’re a business with a fleet of Utes’, or a […]
July 2, 2016

Get a Roof Rack For Your Ute Today!

At CVS we have a solution for your Ute, such as a roof rack, a canopy or a service body. We even have a wide range of accessories to suit! Since 1934 the Ute has transformed Australia. Introduced by Ford and General Motors it was an immediate success. Even other car makers in Australia and overseas started to copy the fundamental design of the Ute! So how did the Ute come about? Well back in 1932 a farmer contacted the boss at Ford Australia and asked for something new. This is what […]