Service Bodies

December 5, 2017
Why Use Canopies and Service Bodies to Make your Ute Aerodynamic?

Why Use Canopies and Service Bodies to Make your Ute Aerodynamic?

The chances are that you’ve heard the word “aerodynamic” being used in the past to describe sports cars, boats, and even planes. However, it’s not often that you see a truck or van that’s defined as aerodynamic. The reason for this is that aerodynamics is all about sleek design, intended to help a vehicle cut through the air with speed and precision. As useful as Utes are from a business perspective, their purpose is more to offer power, space, and convenience. Unfortunately, this means that because you want […]
October 24, 2017

How CVS Service Body Fit Outs Can Make your Fleet Better Drivers

Ever wondered if there’s anything that you can do to improve the efficiency, productivity, and safety of your drivers when they’re out on the unpredictable Australian roads? Investing in a lightweight service body is a great way to make sure that your most important staff members are well protected from debris and flying tools, while defending your property from theft. In fact, with the right CVS service body fit outs, you can actively make your fleet stronger, more capable drivers, that you can rely on to represent your […]
October 10, 2017

5 Reasons to Add Reversing Sensors and Cameras to your Ute

If you’ve done business with CVS before, or you’ve read our blog, then the chances are you already know how seriously we take Ute performance. At CVS, we use customisable service bodies and fiberglass canopies to help you to protect and enhance your business assets. Thanks to our unique solutions, companies from a range of backgrounds can ensure they’re making the most out of their portable workstations. However, we don’t just encourage you to upgrade your business with service bodies and canopies. We can also offer a range […]
September 26, 2017
The Benefits of Installing a Roof Rack in your Service Vehicle

The Benefits of Installing a Roof Rack in your Service Vehicle

You bought your service vehicle as a versatile and customisable solution for improving the productivity and efficiency of your business. While Utes are naturally designed to offer some of the best results around for contractors and Tradies, it’s worth noting that you can sometimes take steps to improve the value of your service vehicle instantly, using the right accessories. At CVS solutions, we offer everything from unique custom canopies, to roof racks for your business vans and trucks. Our durable and light-weight accessories are custom-designed to ensure that […]