Ute Service Bodies

August 31, 2017

Tradesman Ute Bodies: Take Your Workshop Anywhere

Tradesmen need versatility in their jobs – that’s a fact. As a Tradie, you’re constantly running around completing tasks for all manner of different clients, and everyone seems to need you there yesterday. For a Tradie, every job can seem like an emergency, and that means that you simply don’t have the time to re-arrange your Ute and workstation every time you need to rush out each morning. In other words, you’re left with a choice. Either you can decide to take all of the items out of […]
June 13, 2017
Ute Fleet Fit Outs that Will Help You Get the Job Done

Ute Fleet Fit Outs that Will Help You Get the Job Done

Investing in a Ute fleet for your business can be a crucial way to take your company to the next level. After all, a Ute is a wonderful way to enhance the mobility of your brand and ensure that you’re ready to offer incredible service to people across Australia. However, there’s more to an amazing fleet than simply buying the right Ute. It’s also worth noting that you can enhance your Ute experience by customising each van with fit out options that are designed to help your workers […]
June 7, 2017

Improve Commercial Ute Safety with These CVS Solutions

A truly incredible Australian commercial Ute is more than just fuel-efficient and powerful – it’s safe too. That’s why at CVS solutions we work to provide you with a unique range of customizable service body solutions designed to deliver the ultimate protection to your workforce. With our high-quality range of service bodies, you can realise the true potential of your commercial vehicle, enhancing organisation and performance, while limiting the risk that one of your most important investments could end up taking serious damage. Though each of our service […]
May 1, 2017

Build the Perfect Custom Service Body for Your Business Ute

Got a unique business? Then you should have a unique approach to managing your business Ute fleet too! At CVS solutions, we can help by designing and implementing customised service bodies for your specific needs. Those little things that make your company special can also be a real pain when it comes to choosing fit outs and accessories for your business Ute. You can’t just grab a one-size-fits-all service body, because it doesn’t have the style and conveniences that you need to make the most out of your […]