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If you own a 4×4 or a Ute and you need a canopy or would like to replace an ageing canopy, keep reading. We’re going to have a chat about everything you need to know about fibreglass canopies.

So you currently have a Ute or a 4×4, right? And it’s looking a bit tired and aged. Maybe the paint or the outer skin in cracking around the corners.

Maybe the sun has given the colour a faded look. Perhaps the old canopy is leaking water in when it rains or when going through the car wash.

Or maybe your old canopy has deteriorated so much, you’re patching it up with short-term custom fixes.

Well the guys here at CVS feel your pain brother!

There are many different companies out there building Ute canopies, some are using steel, some are using aluminium, some use canvas, others like CVS use Fiberglass.

Now, we know that everyone you speak to will try to tell you that the material they use is the best ever on the market. And of course you’re wise to it, aren’t you! You know they just want your business, don’t you?

I guess the fact remains, everything is fit for a purpose, isn’t it? What I mean is, if you’re looking for a new Ute canopy, then you need to ask yourself, what do you need? And the answer to that is likely to drive what kind of canopy you seek and who from.

So we’re not here today to tell you that a CVS canopy is the best ever canopy on the market today. We’re not here to tell you that fibreglass is the best choice for a Ute canopy.

But we are here today to offer you some insights into what a fibreglass canopy from CVS can do for you and your Ute.

CVS has several designs you can choose from. All made of lightweight, durable fibreglass materials. They’re designed to withstand Australia’s toughest work & recreational conditions.

Fiberglass Canopies – Keep Your Gear Safe, Dry, and Secure

Some canopies offer more mechanical strength than others. And with that comes lesser or greater security. For example, a canvas canopy will not offer the best benefits for security. Would you change all your gear with a canvas canopy? But if you simply wanted a sheltered space in the back of the Ute for Dingo, it will be great.

CVS’ fibreglass canopies, by design, will keep your gear safe, dry and secure. Fiberglass canopies have a considerable mechanical strength and will, therefore, protect your gear.

We fit out our fibreglass canopies with high-quality locks on doors and windows (if fitted). And with our one key approach, you won’t feel like a janitor with a massive bunch of keys that all look the same 🙂


CVS chose to work with fibreglass in fabricating our canopies.

After 15 years of experience in this market, we know what works and what doesn’t. We have listened to market demands and have responded to what people like you are asking for.

You want, you need, from a canopy, robustness, strength, durability, and security, right?

To build a canopy to satisfy all these specifications inherently has weight. It’s unavoidable, isn’t it?

So the best strategy for this is to limit as much as possible the weight of the canopy.

Sure, a canvas canopy attached to a frame will be the lightest solution out there!

But the trade-off is security. Would you leave the fate of all your expensive equipment and tools to the lack of security of a canvas canopy?

I didn’t think so either.

But to achieve a Fort Knox style canopy means the weight of your Ute increases considerably. Imagine the huge drop in your Ute’s fuel economy. And not to mention the extra wear and tear the added weight will put on your Ute.

In some cases around outback Australia, companies have weight limits on the 4x4s and Ute’s. And this weight limit includes all passengers.

Therefore, if this is you, canopy weight is going to be a huge consideration for you and your teams.

With our fibreglass canopies, strength and minimal weight are possible. You can literally have your cake and eat it!


Fiberglass is a nonmetallic material. So what this means is that it doesn’t corrode or rust.


Fiberglass by its nature is a flexible material. It can, therefore, withstand the everyday shocks of driving on bumpy roads.

Unlike metallic canopies, therefore, fibreglass canopies aren’t susceptible to fatigue.

Fatigue is a hidden “disease” for metallic objects. It’s a defect. Fatigue comes from poor manufacturing techniques in the metal making process. It’s a stress point that causes weakness spots.

Therefore a brand new metallic canopy could have fatigue already.

We’re so confident in our fibreglass canopies, that we offer a 3-year structural warranty!

So, in conclusion, there are many reasons why a fibreglass canopy might be the solution for your needs.

If it is and you’d like to learn more about our X-Series Fiberglass canopies, if you will like to learn more watch this video CVS video tutorial ,hit us up on our website.

Alternatively, speak to our team on 1300 360 059 today.

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