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Ford Ute Canopy

Hey there. So you own a Ford Ute, right? Do you need a canopy? Maybe you need to replace that old canopy! Then look no further. CVS have the Ford Ute Canopy for you!

It’s important to realise that not all canopies stand the test of time. In our experience, many of our competitor’s canopies don’t do long term well.

For example, windows begin to leak around the frame. Or water is getting in around the canopy fixings. The reason is, bolts are working lose, which damages the seals. But even after seal and bolt replacement, the problem often remains.

The result is that many owners take to doing their own repairs. They end up re-fabricating parts themselves.

Another example of the kinds of problems we see in our competitors is canopy fatigue. Cracks can often appear over time in the paintwork with steel canopies.

Steel canopies also add a lot of extra weight to a vehicle. This will affect a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and add extra load. This may increase the rate of wear and tear and therefore increase servicing schedules.

So Why Come to CVS for a Ford Ute Canopy?

We have a lot of experience when it comes to Ute Canopies. In fact, CVS have been in this game for well over 15 years now. We think it’s fair to say that we know what works and what doesn’t.

Our game-changing Ford Ute canopy is our X-Series range. We are so confident in our canopy, that we also include a 3-year structural warranty.

We make our Ford Ute Canopy from Fiberglass. So it’s lightweight, durable and strong. Therefore fuel economy isn’t impacted a great deal. The canopy will protect your gear from rain, water and the sun’s rays, for years to come. And because the canopy is fiberglass made, paintwork doesn’t crack!

Our X-Series Ford Ute canopy has a wide range of standard inclusions. Take, for example, strike actions locks with single key access. Or premium tinted, curved and tempered glass for strength. Also, higher clearance lift-up side windows, for easier workability. Stainless steel hinges that will stand the test of time. Marine carpet interior, L.E.D interior lighting, and even a rear spoiler mounted break light. And of course, we match the colour of your Ford Ute when we spray paint the canopy.

Check out the website for a full list of our Ford Ute canopy inclusions.

And with a reinforced roof line, our Ford Ute canopy will take loads of up to 85 kilograms!

So now you can get even more out of your Ford Ute canopy, utilising both internal space and external roof space!

Get More from your Ford Ute Canopy!

CVS will also fit out a Ford Ute canopy with a wide range of extras too. So on top of our standard inclusions, there are many more options for your Ford Ute canopy.

Namely, drawer units, roof racks, lighting solutions and many more general accessories. See the whole range of accessories at the website.

So, if you need a Ford Ute canopy asap, speak to CVS today and get our BEST PRICE!

Call 1300 360 059 or email us.

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