Forget the Hassle of Maintaining and Repairing Fleet Vehicles

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August 15, 2017
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September 14, 2017
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Forget the Hassle of Maintaining and Repairing Fleet Vehicles

There are many different costs involved in running a business. Depending on the type of company or organisation you hope to run, you’ll need to invest in employees, a range of powerful equipment to help you get the task done, and the vehicles that are going to transport you from one job to the next.

Of all the expenses that come with running your Australian company, paying to properly run and maintain your fleet vehicles can be one of the most draining. After all, not only do you have to begin by investing a huge chunk of cash into a set of vehicles that are well-suited to the Australian environment, such as Mitsubishi Tritons and Nissan Navara’s, but you also have to protect those vehicles from damage too.

Every day, when you drive across Australia, you expose your fleet vehicles to a host of potential dangers that could cause long-lasting damage, from UV rays, to unpredictable weather, thieves, and even the unprotected movement of tools in your cargo bed.

So, what can you do to reduce the hassle of maintaining and repairing fleet vehicles?

CVS Solutions Make Protecting your Fleet Vehicles Easy

Every year, CVS manage thousands of inquiries through our qualified technician network, to ensure that each of your vehicle problems is carefully addressed and resolved. As such, we have some experience in what it takes to protect your vehicle.

We work on creating solutions that help you to get the most out of your business vehicles, whether you’re looking for more space, a way to organise your van without compromising on power or performance, or a solution to take your workspace with you wherever you go.

For instance, a fleet vehicle service body could be used to protect the back of your van from the impact of the Australian weather, while also giving you a portable workstation to use when you’re filling out forms, washing your hands in between jobs, and organising your tools in time for the next task.

On the other hand, a Ute fibreglass canopy can keep your gear dry, safe and secure on the roads of Australia, while making sure that you have everything it takes to expand the storage solutions in your vehicle and make accessing your tools easier than ever. So, what does that have to do with protecting your vehicle?

How Service Bodies and Canopies Protect your Vehicle

Canopies and service bodies can protect your vehicle by ensuring that the bed of your Ute isn’t exposed to dust, dirt, and other elements of the Australian environment. On top of that, they offer a simple, yet effective solution for storing and organising your tools, so that they’re less likely to fly around the back of your service vehicle while you drive.

Tools, equipment, and even materials like paint and oil, can easily move around the back of your van whenever you turn a corner or hit the brakes. Although this might not seem like too much of a problem, it can emerge as a serious issue when it comes to maintaining the appearance and performance of your vehicle.

Heavy equipment can damage the balance of your vehicle, causing more wear on one side than the other. Additionally, some equipment may end up denting or even putting holes into the bed of your van, leaving you with more risk of losing equipment on the road, not to mention missing out on the deposit you paid for your fleet vehicles.

Other Ways to Protect Your Fleet Vehicles

If you want to avoid cashing out extra on maintaining and repairing your fleet vehicles, canopies and service bodies with integrated drawers and shelves can be the perfect solution. However, there are still alternative options available for people who want to improve the durability of their fleet vehicles, without paying too much extra for enhancements.

Tub liners, for instance, can stop your loose equipment from moving around in the back of your van, so that it’s less likely to scrape and damage the surface of your Ute. Additionally, tub liners can protect your equipment, by using friction to ensure it stays still throughout the course of your journey.

In other words, with the right fleet vehicle accessories, you can limit the amount you spend on maintaining and repairing your fleet vehicles, while also protecting your tools and equipment at the same time!

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