Loose Tools a Threat? Protect yourself with CVS Ute Accessories

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July 10, 2017
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September 5, 2017
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Loose Tools a Threat? Protect yourself with CVS Ute Accessories

Most businessmen and contractors need to carry some kind of tools or equipment with them on the job when they go out onto the roads of Australia. Unfortunately, simply loading these loose items up into the back of a Ute is not only potentially damaging to your investment – it could also put your fleet drivers at risk too.

If your Ute needs to go off-road, travel over a bumpy section of gravel, or even break somewhat suddenly, then tools could easily go flying up into the air – landing in a heap on the ground – or worse, hitting the back of your driver’s head!

It’s no wonder that loose tools pose a significant threat to driver safety – but there are ways that you can defend yourself. All you need is the right CVS Ute accessories. Here, we’re going to show you how customisable canopies, aluminium storage solutions, and tub liners can help you get the most out of your fleet.

Customisable Canopies and your Ute

CVS focus on giving your business the resources that it needs to make the most out of your commercial vehicles. Our canopies not only protect your tools and equipment from wear and tear, but help to improve the safety and security of your drivers too. Whether you’re delivering a host of equipment to a project site, or you’re simply carrying your everyday tools, you need to make sure that the back of your van, and the tools within aren’t open and accessible to the elements.

Ute canopies from CVS are made using high-quality and lightweight fibreglass, which can be designed to meet a host of specific size and shape requirements, before being installed onto your vehicle for an affordable price. These canopies will make sure that your tools aren’t negatively affected by the unpredictable Australian weather, dust, or dirt. At the same time, they’ll ensure that your equipment doesn’t go flying into the air every time your journey gets a little rough. With a Ute canopy, you can even ensure that your equipment is less likely to get stolen by jealous thieves.

On top of all that, you get a vehicle upgrade that helps to enhance the professional and sophisticated appearance of your Ute, so that you can have the right impression wherever you go.

Strong Ute Tub Liners

At CVS, we offer a range of solutions to improve the performance and safety of your Ute. For instance, our range of strong and reliable tub liners can be fitted carefully into the back of your van, to make sure that tools and loose equipment aren’t permitted to slide around and move dangerously during transit.

These tub-liners are made with the highest quality materials and heavy-friction coatings, and can be replaced when necessary, though they’re designed to stand the test of time. Without a tub liner, Utes are constantly exposed to potential damage from the equipment that slides and scrapes around the back of a vehicle. Even if you’re using storage boxes to keep some of your tools organised, the edges of those boxes can easily lead to dents and scratches in your van.

A Ute tub liner makes your driving experience more peaceful, by removing the sound of shifting equipment, and it also protects your vehicle investment from dents and damage too. At the same time, because it limits the motion of loose equipment, a tub liner, just like a Ute canopy, can help to protect your drivers from flying objects.

Internal Storage and Aluminium Drawers

Finally, Aluminium drawers and internal storage can help you to make the most out of that loose equipment in the back of your Ute, by organising your business and giving you easy access to the tools that you need in a quick and effective manner. Not only does internal storage give you a professional look when you interact with customers, but it can also ensure that your tools stay well-protected and functioning perfectly for years to come.

With storage and aluminium drawers, you limit the movement of tools within your van, organise your space, and all without adding too much excess weight to your vehicle. After all, these light-weight storage solutions help to spread the additional weight of your tools evenly throughout the back of your van, so that you can reduce the wear on your back wheels, and achieve better fuel efficiency. When combined with a CVS canopy or service body to make your vehicle more streamlined, you might even find that your vehicle is significantly more efficient.

Forget the Threat of Loose Tools

Loose tools can present a serious danger to professionals and contractors, but the problem can easily be rectified with a collection of the right Ute accessories from CVS. With our range of tub liners, internal storage solutions, and Ute canopies or service bodies, you can design a secure and professional driving experience that keeps risk to a minimum. Get started today by emailing us, or calling on 1300 360 059.



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