Make your Vehicles Last Longer with Van Tub Liners

Get More from your Trade with Ute Tub Liners
February 7, 2017
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Make your Vehicles Last Longer with Van Tub Liners

Investing in a high-quality vehicle is one of the best things that a contractor, Tradie, or freelance technician can do for his business. After all, when you’ve got a vehicle, or a fleet of vehicles at your disposal, your chances of being able to cater to a wider audience go up significantly. The only problem, is that having a good-quality van isn’t enough. You also need to think carefully about where you’re going to store your everyday tools and equipment.

Simply loading tools and items into the back of your van might seem like a good idea at first, but as those pieces of equipment begin to move and slide around the back of your van hazardously, you could end up facing serious problems with damage to your cargo bed, scrapes and holes in the floor of van, and more. In fact, loose tools can even end up impacting the balance of your vehicle on the roads.

The solution, is van tub liners.

Why You Might Need Van Tub Liners

At CVS, we’re all about installing the very best equipment and accessories into local vans so that they can get more out of their time on the road. After all, your van is more than just another form of transportation, it’s also your mobile workstation, and a storage solution that you can use to seamlessly transport tools from one job to another. Without a tub liner, you’re basically expecting your van to hold up against a lot of constant damage.

After all, you wouldn’t expect to slide heavy tools along a metal sheet all day long and end up having the same quality material left behind after a couple of weeks of use. Your tools are constantly causing damage to your van bed every time they move around in the back of your vehicle, and they could even cause dents, holes, and scratches that permanently lower the value of your van.

On top of that, when your gear is allowed to move around freely, there’s always a risk that it could cause some serious damage if you suddenly have to break, or you need to drive over a particularly high bump in the road.

A Crucial Accessory

For commercial van owners, a van tub liner is an essential accessory for protecting not only your tools, but your vehicle too. With the right tub liner, you can protect your equipment from constant wear and tear, and ensure that everything stays organized in the back of your van too.

A good van tub liner protects your vehicle, helps to make sure that you look more professional when you’re dealing with clients and customers, and ensures that you can drive with more comfort too. Many people today access tub liners for their incredible versatility and professionalism, and CVS’s special polyethylene tub liners can be exposed to constant wear and tear on a day to day basis – and still look great.

What’s more, we can install van tub liners that are easy to replace and repair if you need an upgrade. With our tub liners, you’ll protect your investment every day, both by looking after your vehicle, and your most crucial tools.

An Investment in protection

All of the van tub liners that we sell at CVS are customised to meet the specific needs of your van, and designed using the highest quality materials for top-of-the-range performance and durability. Our exceptional solutions to vehicle protection will keep your van in great shape, while giving your drivers the confidence that they need to perform better on the road.

On top of that, because your tools aren’t allowed to move around freely in the back of your van, you may find that they last a lot longer too! Find out more about our van tub liners today, contact CVS today!



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