4wd Ute Tray Drawers

May 1, 2017

Build the Perfect Custom Service Body for Your Business Ute

Got a unique business? Then you should have a unique approach to managing your business Ute fleet too! At CVS solutions, we can help by designing and implementing customised service bodies for your specific needs. Those little things that make your company special can also be a real pain when it comes to choosing fit outs and accessories for your business Ute. You can’t just grab a one-size-fits-all service body, because it doesn’t have the style and conveniences that you need to make the most out of your […]
November 24, 2016
4wd Ute Tray Drawers

4WD Ute Tray Drawers – Plenty of Options Available!

Hi there. So, do you own a 4WD Ute? And are you maximising the tray space you have available? If not and you want to be more efficient with your Ute, then we can help you. We specialise in 4wd Ute tray drawers and there’s plenty of options available! The 4WD Ute is a marvelous invention don’t you think? It really is the backbone that helped build Australia isn’t it! And like any backbone, the Ute needs to be flexible and adaptable to any load you put on it. I […]