aluminium ute canopies

November 18, 2016
Ford Ute Canopy

Got a Ford Ute? Need a Canopy? Speak to CVS!

Hey there. So you own a Ford Ute, right? Do you need a canopy? Maybe you need to replace that old canopy! Then look no further. CVS have the Ford Ute Canopy for you!
November 22, 2016
fiberglass canopies

Fibreglass Canopies – Everything You Need To Know

If you own a 4×4 or a Ute and you need a canopy or would like to replace an ageing canopy, keep reading. We’re going to have a chat about everything you need to know about fibreglass canopies. So you currently have a Ute or a 4×4, right? And it’s looking a bit tired and aged. Maybe the paint or the outer skin in cracking around the corners. Maybe the sun has given the colour a faded look. Perhaps the old canopy is leaking water in when it rains or […]
April 9, 2017

Upgrade Your Workstation on Wheels with the Benefits of a Ute Service Body

The benefits of a Ute service body are something that we frequently draw attention to at CVS. For us, and our wide range of customers, a service body is a valuable solution for businesses across a range of industries that need to present professionalism on the road, and protect their tool and equipment investments. A CVS Ute service body can provide a safe, performance-enhancing and mobile workplace for people across a range of professions – offering all-around access to power tools and hand tools within an instant. The […]
April 14, 2017

Getting the Most Out of your Holden Colorado with a Service Body and UTE Storage

Want to make sure that your Holden Colorado is giving you it’s all? Investing in your business sometimes means devoting some time and energy to showing your most valuable equipment some TLC. Your Holden Colorado is one of your most important business tools, helping you get from A to B with ease. So why not help it achieve its maximum performance with a Service Body and Ute storage? Simply buying a reliable Holden Colorado Ute isn’t necessarily enough to make sure that you’re getting the most out of […]