September 15, 2016
Get a CVS Roof Rack for your 4WD

Canopy Roof Racks for Your 4WD

Here at CVS, we love designing and constructing a high quality roof rack for your 4WD equipped with a canopy. Does your 4WD have a standard steel roof? No problem either! CVS have been providing great quality solutions for customers since 1998. And in our 15 years of business, we have amassed great knowledge and experience in the vehicle industry. So we are passionate about canopies, service bodies and accessories to fit your Ute or service vehicle. And we’re proud to work with small, medium and large businesses, […]
October 25, 2016
A CVS Canopy Keeps Your Gear Dry When You're Playing in the Mud

Keep Your Gear Dry When You’re Playing in the Mud

You might have heard lately that CVS love doing service vehicle and Ute fit outs! We design and manufacture canopies, service bodies and accessories such as roof racks and shelving. We also love fitting out your 4×4 and 4-wheel drive out with off-road accessories. So if you’re an off-road enthusiast and you’re about to embark on an epic 4×4 adventure, this post is for you! So read on and discover how you can keep your gear dry when you’re playing in the mud, with a CVS canopy. Have you ever been out […]
November 4, 2016
Get Your UTE Canopy Delivered, Australia Wide by CVS

Get Your Canopy Delivered, Australia Wide

Do you own a Ute? Are you living in rural or outback Australia? Do you need a UTE canopy? Is there anybody local in your part of the country that can supply you with high quality, custom made canopies? If the answer to the last question was “no” then CV Solutions have a solution for you. We get your pain! Living in the outback and rural communities can sometimes mean that choices are limited. And that can sometimes mean that whenever you want something fast, it still means waiting. And […]
November 15, 2016
Volkswagen Amarok Canopies

Volkswagen Amarok Canopies Are Now in Stock

G’Day! Thank you for stopping by our Blog page. So you’re here because you love the Volkswagen Amarok, right? Now, according to Volkswagen, tough comes from within! At CVS, we can help you make your Amarok even tougher. Introducing to you today our custom made Volkswagen Amarok canopies. Yes, that’s right, our Volkswagen Amarok canopies are now in stock! You’ve just taken delivery of your Volkswagen Amarok. And the chances are you might have decided not to buy a factory fitted canopy. So, there are many benefits to having a […]