February 10, 2017

Keep Your Gear Safe Off-Road with Ford Ranger Canopies

When most people consider investing in Ford Ranger Canopies for their Ute, they’re looking for a solution that will help them to maintain the appearance and functionality of their all-important vehicle for as long as possible. Ford Rangers are known for being one of the most versatile business vehicles around – ideal for technicians and Tradies that want to move their workspace out onto the road, and ensure mobility within their company. However, applying Ford Ranger canopies to your fleet could make your vehicles even stronger, and more […]
February 7, 2017

Get More from your Trade with Ute Tub Liners

When it comes to popular accessories for business Utes, canopies and tub liners are usually the top choices for Tradies, technicians, and corporate experts on the go. These unique solutions offer a range of benefits for people who can’t afford to compromise when it comes to performance, security, and value. At CVS, we design our Ute tub liners using high-density durable polyethylene – ensuring the longest-lasting protection on the Australian market. Our high-tech polyethylene construction gives UTEs a significant degree of damage resistance, meaning that whether your vehicle […]
December 2, 2016
Toyota Hilux Canopy

Toyota Hilux Canopies – If You Want the Best, You Want CVS!

The Toyota Hilux, it’s just unbreakable, right? We know that you love your Hilux. And we love it too. That’s why we think you’ll love our Toyota Hilux Canopy! So, have you forgotten to put on the handbrake and watch your Hilux role off the cliff, plunging into the ocean? Were you lucky enough for it to turn up later on the beach, without a scratch or a dent? Then you’ll know that your Hilux is tough! OK, so you might not have experienced that happening to you right? 🙂 The Hilux is tough. But […]
November 8, 2016
Everything You Need to Know about Tub Liners

Everything You Need to Know about Tub Liners

Here at CVS, we’re passionate about UTE’s and Service Vehicles. Our specialty lies especially in the design, fabrication, and fit outs. So we fit out UTE’s and Service Vehicles with canopies, service bodies and accessories. And in addition, one of our many accessories for UTE’s and Service Vehicles are Tub Liners. CVS significantly believe that we are the ultimate solution for your workforce. The commitment of CVS is to pioneer a smarter approach to commercial vehicle fit-outs. We specialise in designing, supplying and installation of quality aftermarket vehicle parts […]