November 8, 2016
Everything You Need to Know about Tub Liners

Everything You Need to Know about Tub Liners

Here at CVS, we’re passionate about UTE’s and Service Vehicles. Our specialty lies especially in the design, fabrication, and fit outs. So we fit out UTE’s and Service Vehicles with canopies, service bodies and accessories. And in addition, one of our many accessories for UTE’s and Service Vehicles are Tub Liners. CVS significantly believe that we are the ultimate solution for your workforce. The commitment of CVS is to pioneer a smarter approach to commercial vehicle fit-outs. We specialise in designing, supplying and installation of quality aftermarket vehicle parts […]
September 26, 2016

Getting the Most of Our Your Ford Ranger Canopy

Hey there! So you’ve recently given your Ford Ranger a great new canopy from CVS right? Would you like to learn how you can get more out of your Ford Ranger canopy? You love your For Ranger canopy don’t you? It looks great and it does everything you wanted from it. It keeps your gear safe and secure, not to mention dry and protected from the aussie weather! But now you’ve got your new CVS canopy, there’s a whole heap of extra stuff you can give it! With our […]