August 31, 2017

Tradesman Ute Bodies: Take Your Workshop Anywhere

Tradesmen need versatility in their jobs – that’s a fact. As a Tradie, you’re constantly running around completing tasks for all manner of different clients, and everyone seems to need you there yesterday. For a Tradie, every job can seem like an emergency, and that means that you simply don’t have the time to re-arrange your Ute and workstation every time you need to rush out each morning. In other words, you’re left with a choice. Either you can decide to take all of the items out of […]
January 10, 2017

Protect Your Business with a UTE Service Bodie

As a Tradie, one of the best ways to expand your business across Australia is to get out on the road and start providing excellent service to a range of new customers. Most Tradies already know just how important it is to invest their money in the right tools and equipment – but it’s crucial to remember that the items that support your trade aren’t limited to hammers and screwdrivers! The average Australian Tradie is always on the move, which means that they need access to a vehicle […]