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October 3, 2017
The Benefits of Lightweight Aluminium Shelving and Storage for your Ute

The Benefits of Lightweight Aluminium Shelving and Storage for your Ute

How do you organise your workforce? The chances are that your business has a number of things in place that help keep it running smoothly. For instance, you might have a rota that tells your employees who’s working when, and where. You may use documents that your employees fill in to help you understand what they do on each task. Organisation is crucial to any effective business, but it’s something that’s often forgotten about when it comes to taking your company out on the road. In Australia, whether […]
April 19, 2017

Ute Organisation Solutions for your Volkswagen Amarok

Want to make sure that your Volkswagen Amarok is perfectly organised? Speak to any contractor or Tradie, and the chances are they’ll be able to tell you all about their most hair-tearing moments on the job. Most of the time, these periods of stress and frustration are caused in part by difficult clients, and in part because the professional didn’t have enough organisation in his or her own business.
April 17, 2017

Service Body Storage and Ute Roof Racks Will Maximise your Workspace

Want to make more out of your existing Ute space? When you’ve already invested in shelving and storage solutions for your Ute service body, and you still find that those larger items for your big projects need somewhere secure to rest, Ute roof racks and service body storage could be the perfect solution. After all, when pieces of equipment are simply too big for the inside of your vehicle, roof racks are one of the most versatile solutions for quick and effective transportation. At CVS, our custom Ute […]
April 7, 2017
Why Your Workforce Needs Service Body Lighting Solution

Why Your Workforce Needs Service Body Lighting Solution

There are a wide number of great ways in which the modern Ute owner can improve the efficiency and productivity of their vehicle with accessories and additional features. Many Tradies, technicians, and professionals that constantly rely on their vehicles to act as a mobile office for their business operations, turn to things like Ute service bodies and canopies as a way of protecting their investments and enhancing the overall appearance of their vehicle. For those who do choose to implement Ute service bodies onto their vehicles, there’s a […]