The Benefits of a Nissan Navara Fibreglass Canopy

Make A Professional Impact with CVS Fibreglass Ute Canopies
January 24, 2017
Why Fibreglass Ute Canopies Use the Perfect Protection Material
Why Fibreglass Ute Canopies Use the Perfect Protection Material
July 24, 2017
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Want to make the most of your Nissan Navara fleet? With custom fibreglass canopies, you can present that sophisticated professional appearance you’ve been searching for, and protect your vehicle investment from potential problems in the long-term.

Our range of Nissan Navara NP300 and D40 canopies are designed using the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure that you have the idea solution for defending your storage compartment within your UTE. Backed by an extended warranty, our X-series canopy can be customised to suit any vehicle, with extensive additional extras like lift-up windows and sliding access. So, what makes a Nissan Navara fibreglass canopy so appealing to you?

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of these unique vehicle accessories is that they protect your company from the threat of the unpredictable Australian weather when you’re moving around. Rather than running the risk that some of your valuable equipment could go flying from the back of your vehicle, or end up covered in dirt and rust, a Nissan Navara Fibreglass canopy gives you instant strength and reliability.

What more could a modern business need?

Why Do You Need a Nissan Navara Fibreglass Canopy?

Any investment in your business should only be done with careful consideration. After all, you only want to spend money if you think that you’re going to get money back. While installing a Nissan Navara Fibreglass canopy might not help you to directly bring in extra cash, it will create new opportunities for boosting your bottom line in a number of different ways. For example:

  • A professional Nissan Navara Fibreglass canopy gives your business a sense of professional style that helps to show the authenticity of your brand to potential customers. In other words, it makes people who haven’t worked with you before more likely to trust you – and that makes getting extra custom much easier.
  • A fibreglass canopy can also protect your equipment from wear and tear. In other words, this means that you spend less money investing in replacement tools for your company when old equipment is damaged by weather and extraneous factors. It could even mean that you don’t have to worry about the costs associated with replacing stolen tools when completing jobs that require you to leave your vehicle unattended.
  • A Nissan Navara Fibreglass canopy can also protect the resale value of your vehicle. That means that when you decide to sell your fleet cars on at a later stage, you won’t have to worry about taking a huge hit to your assets.

The Benefits of Nissan Navara Fibreglass Canopies

Although a vehicle canopy can be crafted using a range of different materials, most professionals prefer fibreglass because it offers a unique range of benefits. For instance, at CVS, our fibreglass canopies offer both strength and durability. No matter which additional fit-ons you choose, you’ll find that your canopy is:

  • Built to withstand the tests of time: Fibreglass is much stronger in most cases than sheet metal because it’s resistant to corrosion. That makes it ideal for the Australian environment, where the weather can be less than predictable.
  • Beautifully designed: Your Nissan Navara fibreglass canopy can be designed to meet your own specific standards, which means that you don’t have to take a one-size-fits-all approach for your business. Select the aesthetics and extras that best represent your company M.O, and enjoy a well-designed canopy suitable for a range of environments.
  • Versatility: Because fibreglass is so versatile, it can be designed according to your preferences. That means that you can add windows with premium curved and tinted glass, or apply secure “strike action” locking mechanisms to the doors to keep your property safe.

Customise Your Canopy

Whatever you’re looking for in terms of a professional Nissan fibreglass canopy, CVS solutions can help. Our unique range of canopy solutions come with a host of customisable features such as:

  • High mounted LED brake lights
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Rear door slim line designs
  • LED interior lights
  • Re-enforced rooflines of up to 85kg
  • Secure strike-action locks
  • Single-key access to each access point
  • Tinted lift-up side windows with re-enforced snap-shut locks
  • Full interior marine-grade carpet lining
  • Colour-match premium paint

To begin enhancing your Nissan Navara today Email us, or call on 1300 360 059 to find out more!



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