The Benefits of Installing a Roof Rack in your Service Vehicle

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The Benefits of Installing a Roof Rack in your Service Vehicle

You bought your service vehicle as a versatile and customisable solution for improving the productivity and efficiency of your business. While Utes are naturally designed to offer some of the best results around for contractors and Tradies, it’s worth noting that you can sometimes take steps to improve the value of your service vehicle instantly, using the right accessories.

At CVS solutions, we offer everything from unique custom canopies, to roof racks for your business vans and trucks. Our durable and light-weight accessories are custom-designed to ensure that they excel in even the harshest Australian weather conditions. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a ladder and roof rack combo to help you design the perfect working vehicle, or you simply want a lightweight rack to suit your inbuilt Ute canopy, we can help.

A Safe Way to Expand your Business

Though your Ute cargo bed is likely to be quite spacious, getting the most out of the area within your vehicle requires some careful attention to detail. From ladder racks to conduit holders, CVS has the roof rack solutions that you need to enhance your experience at any work site. With a roof rack for your service vehicle, you can make sure that you travel with all of the equipment that you can’t fit into your cab, safely secured on top of your vehicle.

At the same time, our Ute roof rack solutions ensure that the equipment you carry is secured out of the line of sight for other people on the road so that you can maintain absolute safety on the streets of Australia. Our ladder racks are lightweight enough to fit perfectly atop a fibreglass canopy, which means that they can be one factor in a comprehensive solution for organising and expanding your business space.

With a roof rack and fibreglass canopy solution, you can ensure that all of your most valuable equipment is safely stored within your vehicle, protected from the dangerous and corrosive impact of the Australian atmosphere and weather while making sure that you have the freedom to carry long pieces of equipment and ladders too.

Although Ute ladder and roof racks are often used for transporting ladders, they can also be an ideal solution for hauling other cargo with long dimensions too, such as building or plumbing material, or even sporting solutions for your weekends away from work. The versatility of these accessories means that you can use your Ute throughout the week to carry your work gear, and at the weekend too when you need to transport recreational equipment.

The Benefits of your Custom Roof Racks

By freeing up space within the inside of your Ute, our CVS custom roof racks can benefit you and your business by giving you more access to comprehensive cargo space. That makes these unique accessories an inexpensive way for you to uncover the true capacity of your vehicle, and get more out of your time on the road. In other words, you’ll have more space to carry tools, passengers, and equipment with you wherever you go.

Additionally, a secure Ute roof rack can help you to avoid liability issues regarding injuries caused by falling ladders and equipment. They can mean that you avoid losing time and money due to accidents. As soon as your equipment is loaded into your roof rack, your risk of injury, either to drivers, workers, or even passers-by, is drastically reduced. A ladder or roof rack makes transporting, loading, and unloading your equipment, safer, and easier at the same time.

Additionally, Ute roof racks are a great way to save your business money, by allowing you and your workers to quickly unload equipment. The less time you spend fiddling with awkward solutions for transportation, the more time your workers can spend focusing on the task at hand.

Since Ute’s are expensive, it makes sense to reduce your risk of incurring any costs associated with fixing dents or replacing equipment by simply installing the right accessories. With a Ute roof rack from CVS, you can make sure that your business is prepared for anything!

If you’re ready to find out more, contact CVS today!


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