The Benefits of Lightweight Aluminium Shelving and Storage for your Ute

The Benefits of Ute Lighting Accessories in Australia
The Benefits of Ute Lighting Accessories in Australia
September 5, 2017
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The Benefits of Lightweight Aluminium Shelving and Storage for your Ute

How do you organise your workforce?

The chances are that your business has a number of things in place that help keep it running smoothly. For instance, you might have a rota that tells your employees who’s working when, and where. You may use documents that your employees fill in to help you understand what they do on each task.

Organisation is crucial to any effective business, but it’s something that’s often forgotten about when it comes to taking your company out on the road. In Australia, whether you’re a freelancer, a Tradie, or someone running a fleet of Ute work vans, then it’s important to make sure that you’re making the most of your mobile workspace.

Ute Drawers and Aluminium Shelving

At CVS, we believe that organisation is a vital skill for anyone in business, and it’s something that can be improved with the help of the right accessories. That’s why we don’t just craft customised aluminium service bodies and fibreglass canopies for a range of incredible vehicles, we also deliver a range of fit-outs designed to help you craft your perfect business vehicle.

Depending on the nature of your company, you may find that you need specific storage solutions to help you make the most of your work van or Ute. For instance, while some companies may need nothing more than a little shelving to help them organise their space, others will need lockable drawers to keep their equipment secure and out of the way of potential thieves.

Within the security of your customisable service body or canopy, your equipment and tools can be safely kept within various drawers throughout your vehicle. You could even have your own miniature work desk installed for when you need to fill out paperwork and forms on the go. At CVS, we even offer the opportunity to fit out your service body with handwashing stations and other unique solutions to enhance your business.

Space is Crucial to a Mobile Workstation

One of the biggest benefits associated with our service bodies and canopies, is the fact that they allow businesses from all walks of life to make the most out of their vehicles. For instance, while your Volkswagen might be designed to haul large amounts of equipment, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s well prepared to keep that equipment safe.

When you’re forced to rely on the stability of the roads to stop your tools from flying out of the back of your cargo bed, you may find yourself encountering several safety hazards as you drive around Australia. What’s more, an open bed also means that your tools and other vital equipment are constantly exposed to the outdoor elements. That means that valuable electronics are soaking up rain, dust, and UV exposure.

Our service bodies and canopies help to protect your equipment from the unpredictable Australian environment. However, aluminium shelving and drawers allow you to upgrade your space even further. After all, with the right shelving and drawers, you can stack your equipment all the way up to the roof of your canopy, without having to worry about damage to your investments.

Our aluminium drawers also work to distribute weight evenly throughout the back of your Ute. They ensure that everything in your vehicle is safe and secured, so that it’s not sliding around at random whenever you need to hit the brakes and change directions. There are even lockable latches available to give you that additional peace of mind when you need to leave your Ute unattended during a job.

Protect your Ute with Aluminium Shelving and Storage

Aluminium shelving and storage from CVS is a simple, yet highly effective solution to making the most out of your Ute vehicle. When you want to make the most out of the space available to you, and ensure that you’re ready to tackle the challenges that the Australian roads and business market bring with them, aluminium shelving and storage could be the answer.

Aluminium solutions will add a cost-effective and lightweight option to your vehicle that doesn’t detract from your road performance. What more could you ask for? Get started today by emailing us here, or calling us on 1300 360 059.

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