The Ideal Electrician Ute Set Up: Making the Most of Your Workstation

A UTE Service Body – Your Best Tradie Tool
January 15, 2017
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The Ideal Electrician Ute Set Up: Making the Most of Your Workstation

Whether you’re in the market for a new work vehicle, or you simply want to make the most of your existing one, the right set-up can make a world of difference to your workstation on wheels. With the right Electrician Ute set up, you can ensure that your vehicle has everything it needs to make you more productive, efficient, and prepared for any job.

A Ute is often the most obvious vehicle choice for trade workers in the field of electricals, plumbing or contract work. After all, the sheer power of these machines, combined with the large amount of space in the rear bed means that you’re ready to tackle a range of jobs. However, as great as a Ute might be by itself, it’s even more effective when combined with the benefits of a CVS service body, and the right custom fit-outs.

Here, we’ll look at how you can transform any standard Ute into the perfect resource for your electrical business.

The Perfect Electrician Ute Set Up

The ideal set-up for your business will depend on your specific needs and the requirements of your clients. However, it’s worth noting that Utes are already ideal for trade workers. Not only do these vehicles have a distinctive Aussie appeal to them – as some of the best-selling vehicles on the road, but they also deliver the confidence and durability a road-based business needs.

A great Electrician Ute Set-up can:

  • Feature everything you need for work and play, including lift-off canopies and storage facilities that support your personal life, as well as your professional needs.
  • Offer plenty of flexible storage space with the help of a large exterior tray and a versatile but durable service body designed for your specific vehicle model.
  • Deliver efficiency without compromising on power. Adding the right fit-outs to your Ute won’t detract from its on-road performance.

Start with a Service Body

All that extra space that you get in a Ute cargo bed isn’t worth much if you can’t protect the tools and equipment you keep there. While a standard tub is great for storing equipment, exposure to the weather, debris, and other sources of damage can mean that you end up having to spend more money on repairing and replacing tools, which damages your cash flow.

A great way to truly get the most out of the versatility a Ute offers is to transform your Electrician Ute set up with a service body or a canopy from CVS. These simple and lightweight accessories not only protect your tools from damage but also help you to organise the equipment you carry with you more effectively, particularly if you invest in additional fit-outs like drawers and shelves.

With a carefully-implemented service body, you can even install additional solutions that transform your vehicle into a workstation on wheels. For instance, there’s the opportunity for added extras like tables, handwashing facilities and more.

Consider Specialist Equipment

Electricians that really want to make the most of their Ute experience can even implement their own power inverter inside of their Ute service body. A power inverter works to give electricians a place that they can plug standard equipment into when there are no traditional sources of energy available at a client’s home or business. This can be particularly useful in the Electrical profession, as you may be called upon to set up wiring, and your vehicle will be able to help you determine if everything is working as it should be.

Power inverters can also make sure that you have everything you need to give important equipment the charge it needs when other outlets aren’t available.

To find out more about getting the Electrician Ute setup of your dreams, or if you would like a quote let us know by completing a form or calling us directly at 1300 467 106.


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