How to Choose the Right Roof Rack for your Toyota Hilux Service Body
How to Choose the Right Roof Rack for your Toyota Hilux Service Body
April 21, 2017
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Upgrading your Drive with Toyota Hilux Canopies

When you went shopping for your Ute or decided it was time to upgrade your fleet vehicles, the chances are that you visited dealers with a list of preferred features in mind. After all, to get the most out of your time on the Australian roads, you need a Ute that’s dependable, strong, lightweight, and fuel-efficient. Of course, finding a vehicle that’s both aerodynamic and strong enough to haul heavy loads can be a difficult job.

Many fleet owners and business managers find themselves compromising on their driving experience, by choosing a Ute that covers “almost everything” on their list. The Toyota Hilux, for instance, is an incredible vehicle, that has been offering outstanding performance to drivers since it was launched back in 1968. Thanks to its redesigned frame and structure, the iconic pickup is better today than it’s ever been. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect car.

Fortunately, with CVS and Toyota Hilux canopies, you can say goodbye to compromise and design the Ute you’ve always wanted. Here, we’ll tell you exactly how Toyota Hilux canopies can maximise the space in your Ute, and give you better security for your cargo.

Put Security First with Toyota Hilux Canopies

Whenever you take your vehicles out on the roads of Australia, you rely on them to not only protect drivers and passengers but also keep valuable equipment safe too. Unfortunately, although the Toyota Hilux can be the perfect vehicle for hauling equipment from one challenge to the next, it’s open cargo bed means that tools and resources are often left open to the elements, and may even suffer significant damage from dust, UV exposure, and rain.

CVS Toyota Hilux canopies are lightweight and secure. Made entirely out of the highest quality fibreglass, these security solutions defend your equipment from natural damage, as well as reducing the risk that you’ll end up falling victim to thieves in your area. Each canopy can be designed to fit seamlessly with the colour and design of your Ute. What’s more, the canopy helps to create a more slimline design for your Ute, which can improve aerodynamic impact.

The reinforced roofline of Toyota Hilux canopies can also give you the opportunity to extend your space even further, with roof racks and storage solutions.

Additionally, inside your canopy, you’ll find marine grade carpeting to protect the bottom of your bed and LED lighting too. Each canopy comes with stainless steel hinges on the windows and doors, and single-key access for peace of mind wherever your next adventure takes you.


Don’t Compromise on your Ute

At CVS solutions, we believe that no-one should have to compromise when it comes to getting the perfect Ute experience. Regardless of whether you use your Toyota Hilux for business or recreational purposes, you can rest assured that top of the range Toyota Hilux canopies will give you the security and performance you’ve been searching for.

Because they’ve been tested for durability, each canopy is sure to protect your equipment from dust and water, as well as the countless other elements we’ve grown familiar with on the roads of Australia. What’s more, because the canopies are so lightweight, you don’t have to worry about the back of your Ute being weight down by additional metal.

Performance, aesthetics, and convenience can all be upgraded with something as simple as a sheet of fibreglass and a few custom fit outs.

Building a Custom Ute

At CV solutions, we offer Ute owners the chance to build their own personalised Ute experience from scratch. Whether you’re searching for service bodies that offer additional benefits like rear sensors and cameras, or interior shelving for the back of your cab, you can design the drive that’s best for you.

From Toyota Hilux canopies to a range of other unique solutions for avid drivers across Australia, we could give you your no-compromise driving experience.


To find out more about us at CVS you can watch our CVS video tutorial , if you would like a quote or to get more about what we can do for you today by completing a form or calling us directly at 1300 467 106.

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