What are The Best Ute Accessories for your Contractor Fleet?

Loose Tools a Threat? Protect yourself with CVS Ute Accessories
Loose Tools a Threat? Protect yourself with CVS Ute Accessories
August 1, 2017
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Want to know a simple way to make your contractor fleet more competitive? The answer is in upgrading your vehicles.

While a Ute can be a fantastic way to give your team or workers the transportation that they need to get from one project to the next, it’s also only the start of what you can accomplish with a mobile business. If you learn how to expand your vehicle capacity with the right Ute accessories, then you can instantly make your contractor fleet more productive, effective, and efficient.

Here, we’re going to take a look at just some of the best Ute accessories for your contractor fleet, and how they can help you to boost your business.

1.     Aluminium Drawers and Internal Storage

Organisation is key for any effective business. After all, what looks more professional? A contractor who can head to the back of his Ute and pull out a drawer to access all the tools that he or she needs, or someone who has to rifle through a messy truck bed to uncover bashed and beaten tools that have been thrown around the vehicle during a journey?

CVS Ute accessories include a host of aluminium drawers and organization solutions designed to fit the space and requirements of your vehicle. Our customisable storage solutions can come with hand-washing stations for jobs that might include working with dust or debris, work benches for filling out paperwork and completing integrate projects, and a vast collection of lockable drawers too!

These unique shelving units will ensure that your tools and investments remain safe and secure – no matter whether you’re protecting them from a bumpy drive, the unpredictable Australian weather, or quick-fingered thieves.

2.     Ute Tub Liners

When it comes to protecting your vehicle from wear and tear, internal storage isn’t the only solution. If you want your contractor fleet to stay in great shape for years to come, then you can also consider installing a high-durability, tough-grade Ute liner.

CVS Ute tub liners are made using polyethylene, offering an extensive level of resistance to UV rays, damage, and various harsh chemicals. This is helpful as it protects the original vehicle tub, and can increase your resale value too!

3.     Roof Racks

A custom-built roof rack made with the most durable materials available on the market can ensure that you have the ability to transport crucial cargo no matter what the weather conditions look like. At CVS, our roof racks are built using lightweight aluminium that not only holds up to the toughest weather but also won’t add further weight to your vehicle that could end up dragging you and your business down.

With roof racks, conduit holders, and ladders, you can access everything you need for an impeccable contractor service – no matter what kind of business you run. If you’re looking for Ute accessories to make your contractor fleet more versatile, then roof racks could be the ideal solution.

4.     Lighting Solutions

Need to make your contractor fleet more visible during the night or those dark early mornings? Ute lighting solutions could be exactly what you’re searching for. Whether you’re trying to protect your investment on the roads of Australia, or you simply want to ensure that your fleet is more productive because they can find the tools that they need in the back of their Ute service body with ease – lighting options can help.

Today, you can choose from a range of fantastic LED lighting opportunities designed to make your vehicle more efficient, and easier to access. The bulbs are robust, long-lasting, and perfectly tested to give you the highest quality glow. With CVS solutions, is light is customised to ensure that you get illumination wherever you need it most.

Upgrade your contractor fleet today

Ute accessories can be the perfect way to enhance and upgrade your contractor fleet without having to invest in expensive solutions. Affordable, effective, and perfect for helping you to make the most out of your contractor fleet, CVS Ute accessories offer a range of solutions to your most common problems in the contractor business.

If you want to be more efficient, productive, and effective in your profession, you can contact us today to get started!





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