Why Aluminium is Perfect for Service Bodies

Why CVS Aluminium Service Bodies are The Green Option for your Business
Why CVS Aluminium Service Bodies are The Green Option for your Business
September 14, 2017
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Why Aluminium is Perfect for Service Bodies

At CVS solutions, you can realise your vehicle’s true potential with our fully customisable service bodies. Designed to help you get the most out of your vehicle when you’re moving and transporting equipment, our unique service bodies are crafted with the greatest attention to detail, and the highest-quality materials on the market to offer you a completely reliable experience, every time.

So, why do we choose aluminium for our service body solutions? Some people assume that other materials might be more lightweight or sturdy, but the truth is that aluminium is by far the most durable, versatile, and reliable material on the market when it comes to service body construction. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits that aluminium service bodies can offer.

Your Aluminium Service Body

When it comes to offering you protection and defence in your service body, CVS solutions ensure that we only use the highest quality materials. Though some people consider canvas canopies to be useful, solid aluminium service bodies are required for those occasions wherein extra security and safety are essential. From protecting your equipment from the unpredictable Australian weather, to making sure that you’re defended against thieves, our lightweight aluminium solutions are perfect for a host of different professional fleets.

After all, aluminium is:


One of the biggest benefits of aluminium is that it’s a lightweight material that weighs a great deal less than many other materials like steel, copper, and brass. This means that it’s easier for us to craft a customised service body for your needs that won’t weigh down your vehicle or reduce fuel efficiency on the road. What’s more, you won’t have to constantly replace your tires because the additional weight of your service body is causing additional wear and tear.

Strong and Secure:

Perhaps the primary purpose of installing a service body is that it can keep your tools safe from damage and theft. Aluminium service bodies are ideal for this purpose, as they are both strong, durable, and robust. Aluminium holds up to any weather, and with its high strength and low weight ratio, it’s the perfect material for manufacturing everything from vehicle canopies to trucks and trains.


Aluminium doesn’t rust or rot, instead, it naturally generates a protective oxide coating. Though you don’t necessarily need to install an additional protective coating on your aluminium service body, you can apply a powder coating of your choice for aesthetic value. What’s more, aluminium can also have reflective properties that protects your vehicle from UV light, radio raves, and infrared radiation.

Fire Resistant and Non-Toxic:

Aluminium doesn’t burn, as its fully fire resistant at extremely high temperatures. This means that if the back of your vehicle comes into contact with open flames, it should be protected. Additionally, aluminium produces no toxic fumes or damage to the earth. Many people consider aluminium to be environmentally friendly, because it takes far less energy to produce than steel, and can often be recycled an infinite number of times.


Aluminium can be finished using a range of popular techniques, including polyester powder coatings that allow the aluminium to be coloured to match the style of your vehicle or the needs of your business. Aluminium can also be anodised to thicken the natural oxide level on the metal, so that it lasts longer and protects the material from rust, wear, and corrosion. Because it’s so versatile, aluminium can also be shaped in one-piece sections without the need for mechanical joining. This means all parts are typically stronger and less likely to break over time.

Easy to Maintain

Finally, aluminium is particularly easy to clean because of the natural strength of its oxide coating. That means that your commercial vehicle can continue to look great even after months, or years of frequent use.

Aluminium Service Bodies

Aluminium service bodies are the perfect solution for fleet managers who want to get the most out of their Ute vehicles. You can protect your tools and your investment, with a lightweight and durable canopy, designed to stand the test of time.

Contact us today to start planning your very own aluminium service body, and improving the productivity, performance, and security of your commercial fleet.



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