Why Bigger Custom Utes Need Backup Cameras and Sensors

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    For most people with a standard vehicle, backup cameras, or rear-view cameras are simply a beneficial extra for their cars. They help you to perfect your parking and offer a little extra confidence when you’re driving through winding roads and into tight spaces. However, when you own a Ute, or you run a fleet of larger vehicles, then you might find that backup cameras become an essential fit-out for the sake of safety and road comfort.

    Over the years, rear-view cameras have emerged as an increasingly popular safety solution for both classic cars and modern motors. This automotive technology can prevent injuries, save lives, and even reduce the chances that you’ll end up having to pay out extra cash to fix problems with your Ute. At CVS, we focus on helping you get the most from your vehicle, which is why we’ve introduced sensors and backup cameras as a custom Ute fit out, ready to be installed with your service body or canopy.


    Enhancing your Custom Ute Safety

    Custom Ute service bodies and canopies are a great way to boost the security and safety of your vehicle. After all, regardless of whether you have a Nissan Navara, a Toyota Hilux, or a Ford Ranger, the chances are that you’ve made a big investment in your Ute, that you want to protect. Custom canopies and service bodies automatically protect the inside of your vehicle cab from exposure to UV rays, dirt, dust, and rain.

    This protection not only means that your vehicle could last longer, and look as good as new when it comes time to sell, but also that you’ll be defending your equipment too. Most of us use our Ute beds to store vital tools and equipment, and a service body or canopy can protect that equipment from theft, and a range of natural elements.

    However, there’s more to protecting your Ute than having the right service body or canopy. You also need something that’s going to reduce your chances of getting into road accidents. Sometimes, driving a Ute can be a complicated experience, as bigger vehicles are sometimes more difficult to manage. So, how exactly can rear sensors and cameras boost your safety?

    The Practical Benefits of Backup Cameras for your Custom Ute

    Perhaps the most obvious benefit of backup cameras for custom Utes is that they help you to back up your vehicle safely, reducing the risk of damage when you hit a curb, another car, or something worse. Backup cameras eliminate your blind-spot, which makes it easier for you to judge your position in relation to the walls and items around you. That means that you can reverse into a space like a pro.

    Additionally, backup cameras for your custom Utes can help you to manage the complications of traffic troubles. We’ve all been in those situations where you’re stuck in traffic and either you need to reverse, or the car in front of you needs to back up. It’s important to know that your rear bumper isn’t going to take a hit, and a little guided help from a camera can make fine-tuned reversing easier than ever.

    It’s no secret that Utes are more difficult to operate than a standard car, but when you’re looking to park in a spot that’s typically intended for vehicles of a smaller size, you need to be particularly careful with your Ute. The last thing you want is to cause damage to your car or the surrounding vehicles. However, a reversing camera can do all of the hard work for you.

    Avoid Unnecessary Expenses with CVS Custom Fit-outs

    Custom Ute fit outs like backup cameras and sensors can be a great way for fleet managers and Ute drivers to reduce their chances of having to pay out extra cash for damages they simply can’t afford. After all, the inconvenience of chipping some paintwork isn’t the only thing you’d have to worry about if your reversing went wrong.

    At CVS, we devote ourselves to creating incredible Custom Ute fit-outs that you can rely on to keep you safe on the road – wherever your next journey takes you.

    To find out more about us at CVS you can watch our CVS video tutorial , if you would like a quote or to get more about what we can do for you today by completing a form or calling us directly at 1300 467 106.

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