Why CVS Aluminium Service Bodies are The Green Option for your Business

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September 12, 2017
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Why CVS Aluminium Service Bodies are The Green Option for your Business

If you want to show your customers, employees, and your competitors that you care about the environment, then you need to “go green”. Today, countless aspiring companies and entrepreneurs are taking the green approach to business to cut down the amount of dangerous chemicals and emissions that could be damaging our earth.

At CVS, you can access a solution for Ute protection that’s not only high-strength and cost-effective, but also environmentally-friendly too. Our light-weight and efficient aluminium service bodies are completely customisable, and built right here in Australia to endure the toughest weather conditions. Because we use aluminium, rather than steel or other detrimental materials, you get the toughest, most performance-boosting solution for your vehicle, without any negative impact on the earth.

So, what makes aluminium the perfect choice for your service body, and why is it the environmentally-friendly option for modern businesses?

Introducing Aluminium: Your New Service Body

Our service bodies are designed to perform exceptionally, and last the test of time. Aluminium is the third-most abundant element, following silicon and oxygen, in the world. It’s the most common metal in the crust of the earth, making up around 8% of the planet’s mass. In other words, it’s not something that we’re going to run out of soon unlike iron, steel, and various other materials.

Weighing in at around one third of the density of steel, Aluminium is flexible and lightweight. That means that it can continue to protect the versatility and performance of your vehicle, without weighing down your Ute, or forcing you to spend more money on fuel.

The Most Versatile Metal

The versatility of aluminium means that here at CVS, we don’t just use this incredible metal for our service bodies, but also for a range of accessories and fit-out solutions too, including lightweight internal shelving, work benches, drawers, and roof racks.

Aluminium is easily cast and machined, meaning that it can take on a range of different shapes and applications. The flexible nature of the metal, combined with its lightweight structure, has made it an essential part of life for various industries, including the transportation sector. Additionally, because it reflects radiant heat, aluminium won’t leave you cooking inside your Ute when you’re driving around the roads of Australia. It could even help to protect your tools from damage caused by over-exposure to heat and UV rays.

There are various surface finishes available for aluminium, including polishing, anodizing, coatings, and more. That means that no matter the effect you’re trying to achieve on your Ute, you should be able to accomplish the professional result you’ve been searching for.

Completely Recyclable

Aluminium can be recycled and used time and time again. That means that although the environmental costs of extracting this ore from the earth can be significant, they’re often overwhelmed by the benefits of recycling. In fact, recycling one tonne of aluminium leads to a 9-tonne saving in CO2 emissions. To put that into perspective, a single tonne of CO2 is equivalent to driving around 2,800 miles.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, recycling aluminium saves around 95% of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with creating a raw product, and the process is fast. An aluminium tin thrown into the trash can be back in circulation within a matter of six weeks.

Discover the Benefits of Aluminium

At CVS, we ensure that we only use the very best materials to help craft your vehicle experience. We’ve assessed the numerous benefits of aluminium on your behalf, and that’s why we use it on all of our service bodies and fit-outs.

Not only is it attractive, but aluminium is versatile, strong, and perfect for saving the environment too. If you want to see what aluminium can do for you, then contact us at CVS today!


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