Why Fibreglass Ute Canopies Use the Perfect Protection Material

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What’s the Difference between a Ute Canopy and Service Body?
July 3, 2017
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October 17, 2017
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Why Fibreglass Ute Canopies Use the Perfect Protection Material

Let’s face it, choosing the best accessories for your truck or professional Ute is no simple feat. A lot of truck owners become confused when they’re trying to find the most effective, affordable, and reliable way to defend their business and investments from damage. They’re torn between choosing heavy materials like steel, or sub-par options like cloth when looking for Ute canopies. However, at CVS solutions, we believe that there’s a better way.

Our Ute canopies use the highest-standard fibreglass, while our service bodies are made out of top-quality aluminium – both materials that are intended not only to stand the test of time but ensure that your vehicle benefits from a lightweight solution to comprehensive protection.

Here, we’ll consider not only why you need a Ute canopy in the first place, but why you should consider fibreglass as the perfect material for all your vehicle defence needs.

Why You Need Ute Canopies for your Fleet

If you’re using Ute vehicles or pickup trucks for business purposes, then you’re going to need a way not only to protect your vehicle investment from theft and damage but ensure that you remain safe on the roads. A fibreglass Ute canopy can help you to achieve just that, by making sure that you’re not going to get hit in the back of the head by a flying tool every time you encounter a bump on the Australian roads.

Additionally, your fibreglass Ute canopy will also ensure that your equipment – from hand tools to power tools, is protected against the damaging debris of dusty Australian roads, dirt, and the unpredictable climate too. What’s more, because they can be customised perfectly to fit the needs of your specific truck, and enhanced with locking features, our Ute canopies can ensure that you’re not one of the many businesses who find themselves becoming a victim to the various thefts and burglaries that can happen to road-faring vehicles.

Why is a Fibreglass Ute Canopy So Effective?

A fibreglass Ute canopy from CVS is designed to be lightweight and powerful, capable of withstanding the toughest weather conditions in the region. Your investments will have complete protection from UV radiation, rain, and other elements too!

Fibreglass is versatile and flexible, so it can be designed to fit your truck perfectly. Plus, it can be designed using a single strip of material, rather than sacrificing your strength at certain joint points throughout the framework. You’ll be able to customise your fibreglass Ute canopy however you like, whether you’re searching for an aesthetic solution to help you advertise the professional nature of your business, or you simply want to make sure that you look good on the road. In fact, fibreglass and aluminium can both be designed with bright colours that simply wouldn’t be possible to achieve with steel and other materials.

Come rain or shine, your fibreglass Ute canopy will perform excellently, offering additional aerodynamics to your pickup truck which could potentially improve your gas mileage and ensure that you’re not wasting any extra money on your business expenses. On top of that, the fibreglass will help to cut down the weight of your truck when compared to steel canopies but offer a level of protection that is impossible with cloth material canopies.

A CVS fibreglass Ute canopy is fully lockable and secure and can be equipped with windows depending on whether or not you want a particular look for your vehicle. We have a range of accessories available that can complement your driving experience, from tilting and sliding windows to reversing cameras that help you to be more efficient on the roads. In fact, we’re so confident in our use of fibreglass, that we’re willing to offer all Ute fleet companies with a two-year warranty. That means that you’re protected if you experience an unlikely issue with your vehicle.

Discover the Benefits of a Fibreglass Ute Canopy today!

Hopefully, this article has given you a quick insight into why we use durable and lightweight materials like fibreglass and aluminium for our canopies and service bodies. If you still want to learn more about what we can do for your vehicles, and how you can use a fibreglass Ute canopy to make the most out of your service trucks, contact us today to have a chat with our experienced team!


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