The Benefits of LED Lighting Solutions for your Ute
The Benefits of LED Lighting Solutions for your Ute
November 15, 2017
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Utes can be incredible vehicles, regardless of whether you choose to keep them as they come or invest in some extra accessories designed to upgrade your experience. If you’re the kind of person who uses your Ute every day to help ensure that you can not only run a successful business but also manage the challenges of day-to-day life too, then there’s a good chance you could benefit from a range of the Ute accessory solutions we offer here at CVS.

Since we know that every person is different, we’re going to give you a quick insight into some of our most popular Ute accessories, so you can make a more informed, and confident decision about which solution is right for you.

1.     Taking Cover with a Canopy or Service Body

Regardless of whether you choose to keep things simple with a basic fiberglass canopy, or you’d prefer to go for full optimization with a comprehensive service body, at CVS, we believe that it pays to protect your Ute. Service bodies and canopies can help to keep your vehicle performing and looking it’s best for years to come. This means that you not only have a better resale value to look forward to, but you can also make a better impression on customers and clients too.

Of course, services and canopies aren’t just beneficial for aesthetic reasons. They’re also the ultimate way to make sure that your expensive equipment remains safe and secure whenever you’re out on the roads of Australia. With aluminium Ute canopy manufacturers, you can fully organize and defend your equipment from thieves, and unpredictable weather.

2.     Tub Liners and Internal Fit-outs

Tub liners are a great way to upgrade your canopy purchase, by ensuring that you have a secure and reliable way to store equipment in the back of your Ute. Tub liners protect the bottom of your cab from damage, by ensuring that tools aren’t allowed to simply slip and slide around in the back of your vehicle when you’re driving. Additionally, when combined with a canopy, they can ensure that your tools don’t become a danger to you or other drivers on the road.

There are plenty of other internal fit-outs that you can use to enhance your Ute performance too. For instance, you might install aluminum drawers into your service body to make sure that you can safely organize your gear. On the other hand, you might want to invest in LED lighting to ensure that you can always see clearly when you’re looking for equipment in the back of your vehicle.

3.     Power and Technology

It’s hard to find many people who own a Ute these days who don’t need to access power at some point or another. Whether you need some power to fuel up your cooking equipment when you’re camping with the family, or you need a reliable source of energy when it comes to working on the road, a power inverter could be the perfect solution.

At CVS, we offer a range of fantastic ways to upgrade your service body, including hand-washing stations, power inverters, and more. We can upgrade your internal and external lighting with LED bulbs that ensure it’s easier for other vehicles to spot you on the road. What’s more, we’ve got reversing camera technology to help you move safely and securely around Australia.

4.     Drawers and Storage

Finally, a Ute is the ultimate vehicle when it comes to storage performance. However, upgrades from CVS can ensure that your Ute gives you even more functionality. From service bodies complete with drawers and aluminum shelves that you can use for storing your equipment, to a range of tub liner solutions to keep your tools secure, we have something that suits everyone.

We even have options for locked drawers and other security solutions, so that you can rest assured that no-one but you will have access to your investments. Combined with additional fit-outs, like custom roof-racks and grab rails, you can transform your Ute into the perfect vehicle for both your personal, and professional lives. Speak to your aluminium Ute canopy manufacturers for help making your choice.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Accessories

So, you’re feeling ready to upgrade and enhance your Ute, but you’re new to the concept of making changes to your vehicle, and you have no idea where to start. Unfortunately, a lot of people start updating their Ute, without much of an idea of what they should be looking for, or even where they should start searching. This can lead to a lot of expensive mistakes that not only waste your money but potentially reduce the efficiency of your fleet too.

Before you start branching it with aluminium Ute canopy manufacturers, it’s worth making sure that you’re aware of some of the most common hurdles that people face on the path to Ute success, and what you can do to improve your chances of a powerful, more effective vehicle.

Mistake 1: Not Knowing What You Need

While upgrading your Ute can be an exciting experience, that doesn’t mean that you should necessarily start buying equipment and accessories at random. Instead, you should be thinking carefully about what you want to achieve with your new vehicle, and how you can make your driving experience more convenient than ever. For instance, if you’re trying to make a fleet more organized and efficient, you might consider installing a Ute service body with aluminum shelving and drawers.

A service body and storage set will help you to make sure that you can keep all your tools as neat and tidy as possible while protecting them from the threat of things like unpredictable weather, dust, debris, and even theft.

Mistake 2: Improperly Sourcing Your Ute Accessory

Once you’ve decided which Ute accessory you want, you need to make sure that you’re not just buying the items you want from anywhere. Instead, you’ll want a supplier that can give you the most reliable and durable materials on the market. For instance, in the case above, you should be looking for a supplier that offers aluminum service bodies, rather than something made out of steel or cloth.

By switching to aluminum, you’ll ensure that you have the most lightweight and high-strength material for your Ute, while also reducing your carbon footprint. Aluminum is a highly recyclable material, which makes it great for the planet.

Mistake 3: Forgetting about Installation

An incredible aftermarket part can go a long way towards transforming your Ute. However, a lot of people forget about the challenges of installation when they’re installing their new Ute accessory. Don’t simply convince yourself that you have the skill and experience required to install your new solution yourself. This could simply lead to a broken part, or even worse – a vehicle that’s unsafe.

If you don’t have the right knowledge to install your new part, seek out help from someone who does. Most Ute accessory and fit-out providers will offer an installation service.

Mistake 4: Choosing Whatever Is Cheapest

While saving money is always tempting, it’s not necessarily a good idea to simply buy the cheapest accessory you find. For instance, take a replacement tub liner for your Ute tray. While a cheap option might last for only a few months of regular use, a more durable solution could provide you with care for your Ute that lasts for years at a time. Alternatively, while a material canopy might give you basic protection, aluminium Ute canopy manufacturers can give you must stronger sustainability. Ultimately, you might end up paying more for replacing a low-quality part or Ute accessory, than you would have paid simply opting for the more expensive option in the first place. Make sure you weigh up the pros and cons before you buy.

Mistake 5: Choosing Something That’s Incompatible

Finally, just because you like the look of a Ute accessory – doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for your vehicle. It’s important to make sure that you choose the right accessory for your vehicle type if you don’t want to simply waste your money, or cause damage to your vehicle by trying to make something fit. Make sure that you check out the accessories carefully in advance and check to see whether they’re roadworthy too!

Reach out to CVS today to find out more about our exceptional Ute accessories.

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